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Equity & Justice

Every student deserves to have access to great public education, which means there is serious work to do in making HISD’s schools more equitable across the city. Black and Latinx students are disproportionately likely to attend chronically under-resourced schools. In fact, schools with 90% or more students of color spend $733 less per student per year than schools with 90% or more white students (Spatig-Amerikaner, 2012). HISD needs to recognize this huge resource gap through progressive and equitable funding that improves staffing and programs, reduces class sizes, and gives all students in the district an exceptional educational experience.  

School is more than just academic training -- it is where our children learn to cooperate, connect with adults who care about them, and find the resources they need to grow and thrive. We can support Houston’s young people by  investing in social-emotional learning, restorative justice practices, and wraparound services for health and well-being (Project Wayfinder, 2021). We know these programs have profound effects on student success both inside and outside the classroom -- and that they are needed more than ever in our current moment. 

Schools should provide a nurturing climate for all students to thrive academically. Equitable, student-centered funding will protect all vulnerable children in the district, including those with disabilities, who have not always received the services they need. 

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