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Equity & Justice

Every student deserves to have access to great public education, which means there is serious work to do in making HISD’s schools more equitable across the city. Black and Latinx students are disproportionately likely to attend chronically under-resourced schools. In fact, schools with 90% or more students of color spend $733 less per student per year than schools with 90% or more white students (Spatig-Amerikaner, 2012). HISD needs to recognize this huge resource gap through progressive and equitable funding that improves staffing and programs, reduces class sizes, and gives all students in the district an exceptional educational experience.  

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Less Emphasis on High-Stakes Tests

HISD should be graduating a generation of critical thinkers, problem solvers, and creative inventors -- not good test-takers. The district can be a leader in reforming the broken high-stakes testing model by fighting for assessments that help students and teachers further their academic goals instead of measuring their ability to prepare for a single test. 

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Treat Teachers, Paraprofessional, and Staff Professionally

We need to treat public school teachers, paraprofessionals, and school staff like the professionals they are. They have the most important job in the world -- educating our children. We expect an incredible amount of dedication, expertise, and sacrifice from HISD employees. The best way to show that we recognize this fact is to pay them well, listen to their ideas and concerns, and provide them with the necessary support and protection. 

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Support for Public Schools

Maria is a strong supporter of public education and community schools. She supports a moratorium on charter expansion as a first step towards making our public school system more democratic.
Maria opposes the inequitable way in which charters have public funding (actually about $1800 more per child) but less public accountability than real public schools. The laws and finance systems need to change and she supports that.
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