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Treat Teachers, Paraprofessional, and Staff Professionally

We need to treat public school teachers, paraprofessionals, and school staff like the professionals they are. They have the most important job in the world -- educating our children. We expect an incredible amount of dedication, expertise, and sacrifice from HISD employees. The best way to show that we recognize this fact is to pay them well, listen to their ideas and concerns, and provide them with the necessary support and protection. 

There is no reason school teachers, paraprofessionals, and staff should have to find a second or third job to supplement their income. At the very least, HISD needs to offer pay commensurate with nearby school districts -- but we should do even better. 

HISD can attract the best teachers by being the best place to work. Competitive pay and responsive, effective leadership are key to finding and retaining top-tier educators, especially in high-demand fields like STEM. The district should be a leader in teacher compensation and workplace satisfaction because teachers can do their jobs better when they are respected and supported.


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